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"I am a principled Conservative and natural born leader who believes that promoting lower taxes, free enterprise, sound infrastructure, and quality education will ensure a bright future for our children and grandchildren here in Missouri in the years to come."

Georjene takes a principled stance on issues and is not afraid to voice her positions. 



I believe in supporting policies that emphasize local control, student learning, and quality curriculum. We need to encourage parent involvement and choice. Our priority should be the students. Missouri businesses need graduates who are skilled and qualified for employment. I would also welcome the challenge to decipher and revise the current funding formula, as well as the level of involvement and control coming from DESE.


My background in business motivates me to want to set policies that create a fertile environment for businesses to start and grow. At the state level we need to create an environment that attracts businesses so that we can reverse the flight of manufacturing and jobs. The state government should promote free-market competition, remove burdensome regulations, and have lower, fair taxation, and then get out of the way. We also need a workforce that is ready and able to fill the demand of businesses. A capable workforce + more jobs = more prosperity and stability for all of our citizens.


Farmers and Ranchers and their families are the backbone behind one of our most important industries in Missouri. As State Representative, I'll fight for policies that support agriculture.


Missouri cannot thrive economically or support education without quality broadband including rural broadband development and cell technology (we are currently #38 in the nation), airports, roadways, or river ports. The manufacturing, transportation and medical industries, agriculture and education all depend on our infrastructure and much of it is outdated. Infrastructure is one of the primary responsibilities of state government.